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Chief Executive's introduction

The Go To place… Manchester in May

As I write this introduction it is still 2015, but it is already abundantly clear what we will all be talking about in 2016. There are two issues which will have a profound impact on all our futures – whether the UK will remain inside the EU  or vote to leave and the security of our nation state.

2016 may be the year in which we finally get to have a say in the defining political issue of our age – the Euro Zone’s need for ‘ever-closer union’ and our attitudes to staying in the Union alongside our European neighbours. Recent polls put the decision on a knife-edge.  It may even be announced that the Referendum will be held just after our conference in June, in which case it is essential that we explore what the two decisions mean for the future of our businesses. No doubt the papers will be full of the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s arguments, but we intend to focus on the commercial case for staying in or leaving. So we will kick off the conference with a full debate on the decision.

The threat to our nation’s security is currently standing at the second highest level, so in the aftermath of the Paris attacks and the decision to extend the bombing campaign to Syria, we will be asking what the main threats may be. What type of threats are the most likely and what should we be doing to minimise them? How concerned should we be about a cyber attack on national infrastructures? To answer these questions we have asked a panel of experts, including a former Home Secretary and the previous Head of MI5 to share their insights with us.

As usual we will have a further two unmissable keynote sessions, a full programme of seminars, which this year will focus solely on insurance issues, and a programme of Fringe sessions offering something for all. And as last year’s inaugural Young Broker Day was such a success we’re including this once again in 2016 and for the foreseeable future.

So make sure May 11 and 12 are in your diaries and log on to the conference website to book your place now. See you in Manchester…. The Go To place.

Steve White
Chief Executive