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Seminar sessions


Sessions run concurrently. Choose ONE session to attend on Wednesday and ONE on Thursday

Wednesday May 11, 12.00

London’s challenges in the global market

London’s competitiveness as a global insurance hub is under threat. It faces challenges from technology, increased global mobility, more localised underwriting expertise in emerging markets and changing customer needs. Despite these pressures, London has significant advantages and is developing strategies to ensure it fully realises its opportunities.

For those active in the London market or for those who would like the opportunity to access London’s expertise and capital, this is a must attend session.
By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

appreciate the issues affecting the London market and their implications.
understand the complex challenges facing London.
discover the strategies to ensure that the London market continues as a centre of global excellence.

Chaired by: Michael Faulkner, Editor, Insurance Day
Panelists: Inga Beale, CEO, Lloyd’s
  Dominic Christian, Executive Chairman, Aon Benfield
  David Howden, CEO, Hyperion
  Andrew McMellin, Chief Executive, Insurance, XL Catlin


Insurance Day and BIBA are joining forces to conduct a survey on the prospects and challenges facing the London Market. The survey results will be published by Insurance Day as part of this session. To have your say click here and take part in the survey now.



Making sense of the latest advances in Motor

There has been an avalanche of new issues affecting motor brokers in the last 12 months; new requirements to show last year’s premium, information regarding add-ons, protected NCB calculations, vulnerable customer issues as well as new databases on NCD and new tools like Mylicence.

All this is happening as the cost of uninsured driving increases and the Department for Transport discusses its new model for motor insurance ahead of the inevitable arrival of autonomous vehicles.

This all has a significant cumulative effect on brokers. A relevant panel including a broker, an insurer and a software house will discuss the latest issues in the sector.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to

explain the latest issues affecting the motor insurance market
understand how they will affect brokers
identify actions required and how to access further information

Chaired by: Kirsty Wark
Speakers: Sara Newall, Endsleigh 
  Jim Lorimer, Acturis
  Simon Warsop, Aviva


The Insurance Act

The Insurance Act comes into force just three months after the BIBA conference and the question we get asked on a daily basis is what is a fair presentation and a reasonable search?

BIBA has worked with the former Law Commissioner, David Hertzell and Mactavish, leading experts on insurance governance to put together a new implementation guide on the Insurance Act in conjunction with the key insurance trade bodies across the whole of the industry. Key participants David Herztell, and Bruce Hepburn, CEO Mactavish will discuss the real life issues that are the do’s and don’t’s for brokers in this must see session.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to

understand the main requirements of the Insurance Act
recognise what is a fair presentation and reasonable search
identify the key operational changes needed to ensure compliance with the Act

Speakers: Bruce Hepburn, CEO, Mactavish
  David Hertzell, Former Law Commissioner
  Andy Fairchild, CEO, Broker Network
  Richard Harrison, Barrister, Devereux Chambers




Thursday May 12, 10.30

Regulations can go to…

… the very heart of what insurance brokers do; are required to do; and just as importantly, are able to show that they do.

As we attend conference in 2016, two very important pieces of European legislation will have been published that will affect everything that brokers do; from how data on customers is handled to how brokers’ conduct (intentional choice of words here) their sales processes. How will these changes go into the FCA handbook?

This session will offer attendees an opportunity to hear about some key potential changes that result from FCA changes to regulatory requirements and will provide an opportunity to raise any burning questions attendees may have.

For the attendee keen not to fall foul of regulatory inspection, this should be a session you want to go to.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

identify some of the key regulatory developments
assess which will affect their businesses in 2016 and beyond

Chair: David Sparkes,  Head of Compliance & Training, BIBA
Speakers: David Geale, Director of Policy, FCA
  Richard Syers, Lead Policy Officer, ICO



The problems of under-insurance

The 2015 FCA investigation into SME claims highlighted a significant number of cases where the sums insured were below 50% of the amount required to cover the loss. In 20% of the cases the loss exceeded the 12 month maximum indemnity period.

This is why BIBA is producing three under-insurance guides covering the all important issues of assessing, advising, causes, sub-limits, challenges with BI and claims preparation costs. To update brokers we have invited the principal author Roger Flaxman to chair a session with supporting insurer ACE, along with our accredited Professional Indemnity brokers to discuss this all-important subject.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

recognise the key issues for concern
understand how to ensure correct levels of insurance are achieved
access points of reference for further information and advice

Panelists: Phil Sharpe, Chief Operating Officer, Chubb
  Carl Evans, Partner & Main Board Director, Griffiths & Armour
  Charles Manchester, CEO, Manchester Underwriting Management
Chaired by: Roger Flaxman, Chairman, Flaxman Partners


Preparing for a cyber attack

This session will look at the role of CERT-UK (the UK National Computer Emergency Response Team) its work with the insurance sector, recent incidents and trends, and the need for information sharing.

Simon has over 27 years’ experience of intelligence analysis and assessment.  He joined the UK Cyber Security Operations Centre in 2010 as their Olympics Co-ordinator. Since joining CERT-UK he has developed cyber incident response and exercising for the Commonwealth Games, the NATO Summit and the 2015 general election. 

He now leads on the insurance industry for CERT-UK, and took part in the joint Government/insurance industry project, which resulted in the report on cyber insurance issued in February 2015.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

understand the role of CERT-UK
know the mechanisms used in UK cyber security incident response
appreciate the value of information sharing and learn how to use the CiSP portal

Speaker: Simon Hall, UK Engagement Team, CERT-UK