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The Young Broker Day sessions



Optional main keynote sessions (09:30/12:10)

Young Broker delegates may join the two main conference keynote sessions if they wish.

In the opening session, futurologist Magnus Lindkvist will weave together the most exciting current trends to forecast what society and business might look like in the future.

The closing session is a debate between a panel of experts to examine new threats to Western civilization, ranging from terrorist attacks on our soil, to cyber threats.


Session 1
Welcome to Young Broker Day

An opportunity to meet the BIBA Young Broker Ambassadors – a team of talented and pro-active young managers working in a range of broking firms, large and small.  With the support of BIBA the Young Broker Ambassadors are working to provide events, assistance and support to their peers throughout the industry.


Session 2
Making the most of your personal brand

Nicki Kavanagh, The Juniper Company

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”
Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

Your brand cannot be created – we all already have one; however it can be developed, moulded and enhanced to communicate the image you wish to project. In a brutally competitive business environment, it is essential to ensure we all have an established personal brand.

How can we use our personal brand to raise our profile within our organisation? How can we influence others through our personal brand?

Join us if you would like to develop your personal brand so you can begin to leverage it to support your career success.

The Juniper Company is a people development, change and communications consultancy.  They help clients to realise tangible business benefits through the development of their people and the delivery of appropriate and effective learning and development, change and communications programmes. They train people in leadership, sales, account management, negotiation and contract management skills including networking, personal brand and influencing.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the aspects of personal brand
  • Understand what their brand says about them
  • Describe how they might shape their personal brand to present themselves favourably


Session 3
Debate – Insights into getting ahead in broking

BIBA’s Young Broker of the Year Award is now in its 15th year and its winners have gone on to prove themselves worthy of the accolade as their career successes illustrate. We have invited four to offer an insight into their experiences of getting ahead in broking.

Matthew Pyke, Chief Executive, Lloyd & Whyte

Matthew has spent 23 years with Lloyd & Whyte and was Managing Director when he won the Young Broker of the Year award in 2005.  The company then employed 29 people, with an income of £1.25m.  Lloyd & Whyte were early adopters of Corporate Chartered Status and their success is attributed to their investment in people.  Now Chief Executive of a company that is 120 strong, with £7m income, Matthew credits winning the award as giving him the confidence and contacts to help grow his business.

Neil Grimshaw, Director, Ravenhall Risk Solutions

Neil Grimshaw BA (Hons) FCII is a Chartered Insurance Broker and the Founding Director of Ravenhall Risk Solutions Ltd.
Neil was 25 when Ravenhall started in 2006 and since then the business has grown to be one of the fastest growing regional insurance brokers in the UK. In 2009 Neil won the BIBA Young Broker of the Year, this followed successes in the Insurance Times awards as New Achiever and the UK Broker awards as Young Broker in 2008.

Neil is an active member of BIBA, representing his business on the regional committee in Yorkshire and also at head office level being a member of the GIBC committee and latterly the Small Brokers’ Advisory Board

Alex Guerin, Client Executive, Marsh Risk Management Practice

Alex Guerin joined Marsh’s Risk Management Practice in October 2012 as part of the Graduate Development Programme, which included shadowing CEO of Marsh’s Corporate business, Joe Grogan.

Having gained his ACII qualification in 2014, he returned to the client facing business and his focus is now on Financial Institutions. In May 2015 he was named BIBA Young Broker of the Year and has been working closely to help the further development of younger brokers within the industry.

Lois Blackmore, Corporate Account Manager, Arthur J Gallagher

Lois joined Oval Insurance Broking in 2011 with no previous experience in insurance. She immediately started studying for CII exams and in just over two years was promoted to Corporate Account Manager. Lois has done much to assist other young brokers including writing a blog taking readers along on her learning journey and achieving a work/life balance.

Currently the BIBA East Midlands Young Broker representative, Lois is hoping to break down barriers that young brokers often face in what many deem as an ‘old boys profession’ and is busy putting forward a schedule of events for young brokers in her region.

Chaired by David Sparkes, Head of Compliance and Training, BIBA

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the factors that contributed to the successful careers of previous Young Broker winners
  • Describe the challenges and opportunities they faced as young brokers forging a career in insurance broking


Session 4
Learning from trains, planes…and toilet cleaners!

Hamish Taylor

Hamish will share lessons and stories from his own fast track career – he was trained in brand management at Proctor and Gamble, a management consultant at Price Waterhouse, Head of Brands at British Airways, CEO of Eurostar and CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank all before he was 40!

He has been dubbed the ‘master thief’ due to his record of “stealing’ ideas from one environment to use in another – yacht designers for aircraft interiors, Disney to help with airport queuing and rugby referees for new approaches to risk and compliance.  He uses the experience and lessons learned from a wide range of industries and disciplines to share the challenges he believes we all face as our career progreses.

Explaining the importance of putting the customer at the centre of everything we do, Hamish will provide practical rules and ideas on how this informs not just traditional customer service but culture, leadership, brand, teamwork and communication.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain how changing the way they understand internal and external customers contributes to their own success and future leadership roles
  • Recognise how the customer promise is their most powerful tool, bringing a clear focus in priorities and communications and a starting point for idea generation and problem solving
  • Identify lessons from other businesses, sport, the arts and many other places


Session 5
Join industry personalities

Young Broker Day will close with a rare opportunity to meet some well-known and influential industry leaders from broking and insurance firms at an information reception.

By the end of this session, delegates will embed what they have learned by discussing what the sessions have taught them with industry leaders and having the opportunity to ask for advice and tips.